My Name is Kathy Jaeck and I'm a retired educator.  I have always loved photography, having been influenced by my Grandfather who photographed extensively while traveling the world, but with a particular emphasis on birds.  But it wasn't until I retired that I was able to really engage fully in my passion for photography . Having learned early in a photo class that "every picture tells a story", I grew to love the challenge of capturing moments as they are happening - whether it be wildlife, landscapes, animals, or people. 


It can be quite challenging to freeze the motion of a bird in flight, a predator capturing prey, or a dog racing over jumps to retrieve a ball.  I am fortunate to be able to travel on photography-centered trips which have included opportunities to photograph wildlife and tribal culture of Africa, the ever-dwindling polar bear in Canada, the undersea world of the Caribbean, the beautiful wildlife and landscape of Alaska, and the remote beauty of Antarctica and its neighboring islands.


Having dogs that participate in dog sports such as flyball, dock diving, agility and lure coursing, I have focused on increasing my skills in dog sport photography, with an emphasis on flyball.  Photographing fast-moving dogs in a poorly lit venue using only ambient lighting is a constant challenge, and I am enjoying the journey to mastering it. I hope you enjoy my work, because "life doesn't stop for pictures".